User Wizard strength-based approach just made my transition journey much easier.

Surabhi Singh

UX Researcher

Focus on strengths

Coming from non-profits, I often face the challenge of not having experience in product related environment. Following my strength, the programme has provided me an opportunity to get hands-on experience and to show my valuable skills using the sector-specific lens.

Demystify the UX unicorn

It is horrifying to see the job descriptions demanding a range of skills, often mixing boundaries of research and design. It feels disconnected and impossible to penetrate at times but with one-on-one talks and resource-sharing, I learn about the growth of the UX sector and organizational maturity…it made me learn to laugh at Unicorns!

Embracing your past

An open-format and flat approach to the meet-ups and informal chats has helped me to see the connecting dots with my previous experiences. Discussions around Research Ops or democratization of research are some of the examples I find similar to the discussions I have come across in non-profits. 

Sense of belonging

Listening to the journey of UX professionals generates a sense of belonging to the industry. It often resulted in expanding my network and receiving support in terms of sharing resources or feedbacks. Last but not the least, I am a person who likes to laugh at my circumstances and the program gives me space to be myself.