User Wizard Academy:

A learning experience designed for you

You won’t become an expert overnight, but you can set yourself up for success today — starting with the right acumen.

What are newcomers to UX struggling with?


Quantity prevails over quality

Today’s UX learning landscape is overwhelming and it’s becoming harder to find reliable content. Despite the plethora of online courses available for UX, finding high-quality, practical content is a real challenge.


A Fast-Paced and Ever-Changing Industry

UX Design is a rapidly evolving field with no clearly defined educational path. Newcomers to UX struggle to define their profile in an industry where standards and roles are not set. As a result, many opt for a “unicorn” profile, which can negatively impact their employability.


Unreliable and unadapted UX curricula

One-size-fits-all curricula in many UX courses result in superficial knowledge that does not prepare students for the job market. Unexperienced instructors deliver generic content, while peer-to-peer reviewed courses fail to provide proper feedback to students.


UX very competitive job market

The demand for qualified UX professionals is on the rise, but so is the number of UX graduates entering the job market daily.  A certificate won’t be sufficient. Experience, and confidence are essential for standing out among the increasing number of UX graduates. 

Why the User Wizard Academy?

We believe the current UX learning landscape has some serious flaws. This is how we respond to these trends:


  • Reliable instructors
    • carefully selected for their industry and teaching experience
  • Qualified feedback
    • no peer-to-peer review but a qualified mentoring team
  • Practical – Industry-relevant Curriculum
    • hands-on knowledge for the real UX job market
  • The User Wizard Network
    • our community of UX professionals, hiring experts, and fellow career-switchers

This is what you can expect from the User Wizard Academy:

  • A modular learning experience, tailored to your unique situation:
    • live webinars to promote interaction
    • pre-recorded courses to learn at your own pace
    • Q&A sessions and office hours with your mentor
  • Lifetime access to all resources and the UX knowledge base:
    • embrace a lifelong learning journey with reliable resources
  • A certificate of completion for each module or course:
    • get certified by a professional UX Instructor
    • get valuable feedback on your work and grow your UX acumen

Is the User Wizard Academy right for you?

Do you want to become an expert over the next 6 months?

There is no fast track to UX. This industry finds its roots in HCI, Behavioural Sciences, Design and Market Research — none of these expertises can be taught overnight. If you are willing to engage in a systematic and informed learning process, then you will find yourself in best company among our mentoring team. If your expectation is to become a certified expert within a couple of weeks, you may be disappointed with our approach. We value quality over quantity: our mentoring team has been selected for their teaching and field experience and crafted highly valuable, specific courses that aim at bringing you unique knowledge, not universal one.

Do you want to learn everything you need to know about UX?

One of the biggest red flag within the UX Learning Jungle is the use of absolute truths and rules of thumbs. While UX Design undeniably relies on a scientific approach, no true UX experts can deliver absolute and universal truth. In your UX career, you will need to learn how to be professional and convey a sense of deep expertise while stating “it depends”. Our industry experts will show you how to rely on proven methodologies to explore the unknown and find comfort in not having “out of the box” answers to every single design challenge.

Do you want to learn how to break into the industry?

We are sorry to tell you there is no such thing. We all came to this industry from different background, with different strengths and one common goal: crafting the best possible experience of digital products for our users. The best path to UX is the one that allows you to reach this goal, based on your very own abilities and transferable skills. To start with, we encourage you to identify your strengths, your transferable skills and area of improvements. You may then commit to build a strong acumen, which will require time and efforts. Last but not least, it will be absolutely essential for you to develop a strong portfolio and a valuable professional network. Our mentoring team can assist and support you at each step of this journey, but the key to success is you!

Do you want to be the successful alumni of a winning program?

We’d rather see in you the one and only: your background is unique, as you are and with our offer, we intend to help you build upon this uniqueness of you. We are not targeting the masses, never had and never will. We are selective by nature, and want to give a personalised, qualitative knowledge-base to build a solid career within our industry. We will not support another standardised UX portfolio, and will not give you the same feedback as any of your peers. You are unique to us, and so is our approach.

Do you want to build a reliable network of UX experts and mentors?

User Wizard is a community of career switchers, industry experts and hiring experts, who want to level-up aspiring UX professionals. We believe in an inherently diverse UX industry, led by experts in many different fields, driven by their passion. Join our community, build this network by connecting with out mentoring team, embracing learning as a career growth factor, exchanging with your peers. No matter where you come from and where you stand in your journey, you are not alone. The path may me sinuous but it is absolutely doable, with the right guidance and the right confidence, which we will help you develop through expertise, knowledge and self-development.

Say goodbye to generic courses that lack the specific knowledge you need for success. Level up your career with us.

We offer short, practical, and specific UX courses that address the limitations of traditional bootcamps. Our courses provide pre-recorded content for self-paced learning, live webinars, and 1:1 mentoring by industry experts.

Our structured framework based on 4 pillars, ASSESS, LEARN, PRACTICE, and APPLY ensures that you receive comprehensive training validated by our mentors.

Enhance your training experience with our community of mentors and alumni, career coaching, portfolio development, and exclusive access to User Wizard and The UXR Guild events. We provide a well-rounded support system to complement your learning journey.

What skills are you looking to develop next?

Looking forward to standing out with unique and reliable acumen? You’ve come to the right place!

Here are a few examples of the courses offered by our mentoring team.