User Wizard has given me more confidence and clarity. 

Stéphanie Aracil

UX Designer

Practical experience

The program gave me access to a ‘real’ UX Research project. My mentor selected a fellow participant I would work with, who came from a different background and this proved interesting, as we complement each other very well (the other participant came from pure research and I from design). I learned how to approach research in a way I hadn’t before  (I had only learned to apply research from an already existing project and not for a new one) so this was new to me and incredibly beneficial. I soon felt more confident and able in my practice.

Experts’ guidance

The guidance we are given during the whole program is valuable and rich.​ The members of the mentoring team are experts in their field and passionate about leveling up newcomers to UX – which is strongly reflected in their approach. Their advice helped me gain insights and valuable practical knowledge in the industry. I highly recommend this program, it’ll help you no doubt.


The program allowed me to grow my network, which was very helpful. This quickly led me to find my first position as a UX and UI designer both freelance and within a company.