Design your own UX career path 

UX unicorns are a myth. Don’t try to be a unicorn!

Value your skills as they are unique assets for your career transition.

Many paths lead to a UX career, and finding the right one is a challenge.

User Wizard is a mentoring program for career transitioners on their way to becoming professional user advocates.

Embrace the journey to your new career, step by step.

User Wizard

4 steps path to success

There is no magic but rather a proven track and professional guidance.


Identify your transferable skills

What skills can you build on? What should you focus on? Use a framework to define your UX career path.


Advance your UX skills

Join a mentored study group and gain valuable practical knowledge. Work on real life projects and take part in UX hackatons.


Grow your employability

Learn from UX and HR professionals how to navigate through the recruiting process and design your personal journey.


Step into your UX career

Do not try to fit it all—get to a UX interview with the right mindset and the right attitude to find the right position. 

Join a community of successful career transitioners

User Wizard made my transition journey easier

I turned my strengths into opportunities.

User Wizard allowed me to find my dream job.

I was able to create a portfolio to showcase my work.

User Wizard gave me confidence and clarity.

User Wizard Partners 

We collaborate with experts in the coaching, recruiting and Fintech industries so that you learn from the best and grow practical skills. 


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