Develop your UX career path

with the guidance of a mentor

Whether you’re shifting careers to UX or a seasoned UX professional aiming for career advancement, our mentors specialize in identifying your unique skills, empowering you to stand out in this fiercely competitive job market.

Career switchers: 4 Steps to Success

We apply a simple and effective framework to career transition.


Transition smoothly into a UX career with our mentorship program. Assess your skills, learn key principles, practice hands-on techniques, and master job application strategies to confidently step into UX roles.

This is what most of our mentees start from

I am totally new to UX and am considering a career in this industry but I am not sure whether it is right for me.

I have an academic background and want to start a career in UX Research, but do not know how to leverage my academic skills.

I graduated from a UX or design program and struggle to set foot in the industry. I do not know what I am missing — shall I give up?

UX Professionals: Start Leveling Up Today!

Empowering and guiding UX professionals to achieve seniority and beyond in their careers.


Our dedicated program is designed to propel UX professionals through personalised guidance and strategic career development. We focus on strategic career development and career strategies, ensuring a clear path towards growth within the UX industry.

Don’t take our word for it — Trust the experience of fellow career Switchers

User Wizard Partners

We collaborate with experts in the coaching, recruiting and Fintech industries so that you learn from the best and grow practical skills.


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