There is no magic

Transitioning to a new field is  a journey that requires dedication and  hard work. But the best education is no longer enough to start a career in the UX industry. 

This is why we developed this program around 5 modules, provided throughout 6 months by  industry experts, to help you lay the path that leads to your new professional chapter.


Make an assessment of your skills and experience. Identify your strengths to find the path that will suit your expectations and profile. 

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Apply your knowledge to practical projects and gain hands-on experience, which you will be able to display in your UX portfolio.

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Join a study group of fellow User-Wizards and get the support of our mentors to consolidate your skills and build a solid knowledge base.

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Learn how to navigate the UX job market, build a winning UX application and get first-hand insights from HR practitioners and Design Leads.

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First job? First time on a project? Could need some mentoring support? Book your tailored mentoring sessions “on the job”.

What can you expect from User Wizard?

User Wizard is more than a mentoring program, it is a commitment to make our industry more sustainable by leveling-up Junior UX-lers, empowering career transitionners, and inviting industry leaders and recruiting experts to the conversation. We believe that our goal can only be reached if we work together, focus on maintaining high expectations and education level while keeping our industry accessible for new comers.

Digital knowledge base

Complete your foundational UX education with practical knowledge base and a ressources repository.

Video Tutorials

Because knowledge should be actionable and flexible learning is essential for career transitioners.

UX Hackatons

Building a portfolio while growing your practical skills and working in a team: that's the spirit of our UX hackatons.

Monthly Newsletter

User Wizard good reads, favorite podcasts, ressources. The best of UX news are delivered to your mail box.

UX community

Because a career does not only come down to a job title or an employer but to the people you may call your peers. 

Strong professional network

Job hunting 101: activate your network.  Connect with potential employers and increase your chances.

Ready to Define Your User Wizard Profile?

The first session with your mentor is free and non-binding. Find out more about the program and how mentoring can be an asset on your career transition journey.  The User Wizard Unlimited program covers all 4 milestones: Assess – Learn – Practice and Apply over 5 consecutive months. The next program intake is in September 2021. Individual mentoring sessions are available anytime for the rate of CHF 90.- per hour.