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How does an e-learning lesson look like?

Our MasterClass Make your Research Impactful with the Intentional Framework will launch on April 24, 2023.

It will be composed of 4 hours of video recordings, during which Meltem will cover the complete course agenda and 1,5 hours of 1:1 mentoring (over e-mail and video conference).

If you are new to e-learning, you may be wondering whether this format works for you. In this video, you can see Meltem delivering a few minutes of her course. How does it sound to you?


Why opting for hybrid-learning?

Over the last 3 years at User Wizard, we’ve been accompanying career changers and UXers in their professional and learning journey. This allowed us to identify a pattern:

  • Adults learn differently: let’s face it, life happens — most of us manage our career (and career transition) next to family, relationships, personal projects, etc. This makes it particularly difficult to attend a course at fixed hours on a fixed schedule.
  • Professionals and career changers have different needs: while building up foundations is a must, we need more hands-on, practical knowledge to see a direct impact on our work. 
  • Feedback is key to progress: learning is great but has a very limited impact if the learners cannot assess their progress. This only reinforces the “imposter syndrome” many relate to during the interview process: how do I know that I am really knowledgeable?
  • Every journey is different: and so are the specific needs of each career switcher — having the exact same feedback and portfolio as the whole cohort does not allow personal growth.

This is the reason why we developed the User Wizard Academy on the basis of hybrid learning: live webinars and workshops to foster interaction and networking, pre-recorded courses with personalized feedback and assessment to enable full flexibility and ownership of the learning journey, without sacrificing quality and impact.

Here you can see an example of one of our pre-recorded MasterClasses, delivered by Meltem Naz Kaso Coskun, UX Manager at Glovo (Barcelona, Spain).

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About the mentor

Meltem is Istanbulite by birth and a Spanish national by choice. Her passion is building and maintaining high-performing UX Research teams. She aligns with her team and her collaborators on what success looks like, and walks backward from that vision to where they are today to help influence decision-making with user insights. Besides, she's a non-alcoholic beer lover.

As a mentor and tutor for the User Wizard Academy, Meltem helps newcomers to UX grow their UX Research and UX strategy skills, and develop strong public speaking skills. Moreover, her mentees benefit from her hiring experience and learn how to optimise their application for specific UX job offers. Read her articles on Medium and follow her on LinkedIn.

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Written by Marie-Aude Sourd-Ramos

User Experience Researcher with a background in Applied Foreign Languages, UX Strategist, and serial community builder. Founder of User Wizard UX Career Mentoring. Avid learner, hooked on great podcasts, keen on connecting with fellow UXers worldwide: happy to share a virtual or in-person coffee!


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