Step-In Program for career transitioners

A Talent Growth Program that focuses on the needs of the hosting teams as much as on the ones of the program attendee: endless opportunities to grow together, on your own terms and conditions. Willing to work in a tandem? A Cross Company Program is a great opportunity to share a UX Talent and define common goals and success indicators. Ready to take on your own Talent Development Program? This option remains available anytime. Our User Wizard attendees are ready to step-in, rise and grow.


A collaboration set for bilateral success

The Step-In Talent Development Program addresses common challenges UX Leaders encounter when the time comes to onboard a Junior profile.

We developed this program in concert with a multidisciplinary team of UX Leaders, Talent Scouts and Human Resources Experts and identified 6 main opportunities to help UX teams grow while leveling-up Junior UX-lers.


Define the program that works for your team: flexible workload and length, cross-company or in sole hosting model: design the schedule and structure that fulfills your needs.


Unlike traditional interns, User Wizard participants bring a solid work experience and focus on growing practical skills and apply transferable skills to the UX industry.

Team growth

Training is not a one-way street: onboarding a Junior professional  improves your team’s skillset. 


By focusing on a foreseeable and shared effort, schedule and budget, this program allows teams to response to acute human resources need while generating value.

Risk leverage

A Step-In Program constitutes an extended Try and Hire period and allows teams to evaluate the compatibility of a person for a long term collaboration.

Employer branding

Give your team a strong signal that your business is willing to invest in the future and in their development. 

A blessing or a curse?

The UX industry is booming. Never ever in the past have UX-lers been as demanded as in the last few years.

And this trend is here to stay, as CNN Money and the  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics foresee. Who constitutes the next generation of UX-lers ?


To find unique talents, search “out-of-the box”


We tend to secure skills we know to be standard for our industry. Often, we rely on what we know best and dive deep into our confirmation bias to secure the best talents for our teams.

Is the standardization of UX profiles a good strategy as we thrive to design for diversity and inclusion?

Career transitioners are disruptive by design: they provide UX teams with unique insights and learnings from diverse industries, push boundaries, raising the ability of the team to build empathy with users, stakeholders, and potential undiscovered audiences.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch to learn about the program and see how we may help you reach your goals while growing tomorrow’s UX talents.