You know your strengths and have identified the areas of knowledge that could use some consolidation? There are many paths to grow your UX skills.

Should you chose to study on your own, do not miss the opportunity to get valuable feedback from more senior UX-lers. Let your work and projects be reviewed and share your successes and challenges with your peers.

How to assess your progress?

Self-studying does not mean depriving yourself of productive feedback.

We are lucky to live in a time where the greatest university programs and many more courses are available online. The main challenge, however, is for self-learners to get a regular and proper assessment of their progress or find help when needed. During our office hours, you are free to ask your mentor to review your work, give you some guidance or discuss a topic you might find more challenging.

Join your peers on their journey to UX

A mentored study group to gain the foundation of UX

Finding the right class may be challenging and getting enough material to get to build your portfolio is another issue your peers share with you. Our study group gives you access to a knowledge base and a series of practical projects which you will be working on in a group, with the support of your mentor.  Benefit from the group dynamic to go beyond the limitation of a static exercise, share and exchange your knowledge, while training your ability to work in a team.


Consolidate your foundations

Beyond the skillset - a lifetime of learnings

Experience cannot be taught - but learnings can be shared. User Wizard is more than a 1:1 mentoring program. It's a collaborative effort to empower those who will be the future of our profession. Because we know that it takes a community to build this vision, we created a space where you can exchange with veteran UX-lers and recruiting experts to develop your very own skillset. Our monthly program includes multiple events during which we will cover a wide range of topics, from UX 101 to UX career boosters or UX talks. All content is accessible in the form of recording to accommodate different work schedules.