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How to use the knowledge base


The User Wizard Knowledge Base follows the same structure as our program and displays 4 main categories:

  • Assess
  • Learn
  • Practice
  • Apply

Feel free to browse the different categories, download or print the content that you might want to reuse or access later.


All articles, webpages, books and articles you will find in our Knowledge Base have been carefully selected for your needs by our mentoring teams. Whenever possible, we link to the author and we strongly encourage you, should you decide to share this content, to relate and/or link to the author. You may refer to @user-wizard but please refrain from linking to the Knowledge Base, as this is only accessible to the members of the User Wizard Community.


Templates are useful pieces of content to offer you guidance, particularly when you are starting but they are not meant to be used as the one and only truth: every single project, team, client, has its specificity and particular needs. Makes sure to sync with your stakeholders and colleagues and to adapt the templates whenever needed to fit best their expectations and requirements. You may also figure out what works best for you, or add a personal touch, improve a template and share it with the community, so that we can add it to the Knowledge Base. As always, should you share a template you found here, make sure to link to the author.


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