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Build-up your own library

This Knowledge Base is a great way to get started, find and gather valuable content. If you are starting your career in UX, you will soon find out that you are engaging in a life-long learning journey. We strongly encourage you to start your own UX digital library.

Where to start?

Start by identifying a few valuable, reliable and trustworthy blogs, authors, podcasts and follow them to get notified whenever a new piece of content is available.

A piece of advice “All that glitters is not gold” — what Shakespeare once expressed so well is still very true, particularly when it comes to UX. Be wary of way to simplified and generalised statements. There is barely ever one only truth in UX. Make sure to run your research, search for references and use your critical thinking to identify truly valuable pieces of content.

How to start a content repository?

The most simple and effective way will be to save any valuable content to your Reading List, Favorites or Bookmarks in your browser. If you feel like you would like to use an external tool or add-on, here are a few of them that proved useful:


Last but not least, organise your repo t make it easily browsable and access valuable pieces of content anytime. Stay curious, stay hungry for knowledge and have fun!

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