At this stage of your career transition journey, your next move should be the concretisation of the efforts you put into building up the right foundations for your future in the UX industry.

Taking the decision to transition was a tough move but managing the first steps into a new field is a challenge in many ways. With the right support and the right network, you will be able to make the transition smoothly and set the scene for your new start.

Take the first step into your new career

Get ready to prove your value as a UX-ler

You have worked on a bullet-proof portfolio and strengthened your foundations. You feel ready to get some hands-on experience to kickstart your career in the UX field – yet you struggle to build your case as a newcomer to UX. Employability is one of the biggest challenges for career transitioners. Degrees and experience are essential but one should not forget one key asset in a successful hiring process: YOU and your ability to profile yourself as the candidate that will help a team in reaching a common goal.

It takes two to tango and so it does to a job interview

The power of influence over persuasion

In UX strategy, we make a distinction between persuasion and influence. While the first requires the ability to trick your communication partner into something, the second one refers to your ability to communicate and gain a sincere buy-in. After a few years of experience within a field, you probably earned a deep understanding of the unspoken rules and requirements for a job. This essential knowledge is missing completely for career transitioners. This is why we focus in this module on filling this gap, by providing a solid overview of the hiring process within the UX industry, of the different teams set-ups, and of the real expectations of the management.


Do not guess – ask a professional from the recruiting industry

The good, the bad and the ugly: how to nail your next interview

You may have the most outstanding CV, background, and reference: do you own your narrative and know how to guide your communication partner through your journey to UX? How does your past professional experience relate to your decision to transition to UX? What lead you to a UX career and why should this team bet on you to support them? What are the outlines of a UX job description that should raise the alarm? (Spoiler alert: the UX unicorn profile is one of them!) When to run and when to rush? These are some of the questions we will answer with the support of recruiting experts, team leads and UX Managers, who believe in the value of leveling up starting UX-lers.