Newcomers to UX often suffer of the imposter syndrome and the unrealistic expectations of many job descriptions contribute to this fear.

It takes more than a list of practical skills to succeed in UX and trying to master them all would take a lifetime. Discover which transferable skills shape your profile and start from there to build the path to your UX career.

What is YOUR User-Wizard Profile?

Kill this imposter syndrome: identify your strengths and build upon them.

There are many different roles within the UX industry: UX-Designers, UX-Researchers, UX-Writers and Project Owners are the most common ones you may have seen advertised lately. As someone who is starting, you might find these different job titles overwhelming and do not quite know where you fit in this field. We would like to offer you to take a different approach. This assessment tool shall help you answer this question: How can you contribute, with your own knowledge, experience, and personality, to shaping better products and services for users?

Beyond UX-Skills

The attributes of a great UX-lers cannot be certified

What do all great UX professionals have in common? A Ph.D.? A certification? Experience working for the Big Five? You guess they don’t. They all share Human Skills and Attributes that cannot be learned, at least not in the traditional Education System. Jason Mesut did a great job exploring these skills and mapping the attributes of a great Experience Architect. What makes you a great UX-ler? Find it out by taking this assessment and make it your biggest asset on your transition journey.